How does it work?


The Process

-Both LANTITE and school aged tuition needs to be booked using our booking system.

-When you book, we will receive a notification of your lesson and will email or , if we have your Facebook details,  message you to confirm it. 

-If you are an online student, we will video call you at the appointed time.

-If you are a face to face student, we ask that you arrive on time.

-Parents should arrive 5 minuets before their child's lesson ends so that progress can be discussed.

- Face to face students, please be advised that there are pets on the premises, so if you have a fear of animals, you may wish to pursue online tuition.


**NOTICE** Lessons are booked in Melbourne time, please keep this in mind

LANTITE tuition for MELINDA is not available between 4 and 8 pm M-F